The beginnings

Bodega TorreCastillo began in the 80s, when Antonio López “TORRES”, a lifelong viticulturist, abandoned bulk cooperativism to start making his own wines with the help of his son Julián López.

There is a lot of illusion deposited in TorreCastillo, synonymous with struggle: struggle for the quality of the wine and for better management of the vineyard, struggle for careful work.

After restructuring and recovering the old vineyards, in 1970 new plantations were carried out in the municipality of Montealegre. A very dispersed vineyard, always looking for the best land for growing the jewel of the area, the MONASTRELL, an with altitudes that reach up to 900m.

Looking at these vineyards, one realizes that the quality of TORRECASTILLO wines is developed in the field, with vines cared for with devotion, at the mercy of a continental climate, which brings out the best in each of these plants.


This family business currently has 100 hectares distributed in different parts of the Montealegre municipal area, adapting to the best conditions according to the variety.

Years ago we began a transformation process that culminates in the inauguration of our new facilities in 2015.

We combine the whole step of the family experience with the latest technological innovations. We pamper our vineyards with care and dedication, many of them centuries old, maintaining traditional processes throughout the wine cycle.

It is a way of life that we learned as children and that has passed from generation to generation, daily work in the fields. From the vine to the table.

Because the field gives us what we give it. We apply cultivation practices that allow us to conserve natural resources and the environment, to favor flora and fauna and the quality of the soils, possibly the secret ingredient in our wines.