Our wines

Red Wine

From the intensity and elegance of Monastrell to the freshness and liveliness of Garnacha, our wines stand out for their quality and distinctive character. With fruity notes, balanced structure and a careful winemaking process, Bodegas TorreCastillo red wines are an excellent choice for wine lovers who seek to delight their senses with every glass.

The red wines of Bodegas TorreCastillo are an exquisite expression of the art of winemaking. With a wide range of specialties including Vino Barrica Monastrell, Vino Tinto Monastrell, Vino Tinto El Tobar Monastrell, Vino Tinto Julián López and Vino Tinto Garnacha 2021, each bottle tells a unique story with every sip.

Red Wine Barrica Monastrell

Red Wine Monastrell

Red Wine El Tobar Monastrell

Red Wine Julián López

Red Wine Garnacha 2021

White Wine

With floral aromas, citrus nuances and a perfectly balanced structure, each sip of our white wines offers you incomparable flavours and sensations. An ideal choice for those who seek to delight in oenological excellence at all times.

At Bodegas TorreCastillo we have varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Julián López, Niñata and Sauvignon Blanc Selección, each bottle representing a unique sensory experience. From the freshness and vivacity of Sauvignon Blanc to the elegance and refinement of Julián López, our white wines are distinguished by their exceptional quality and unique character.

White Wine Sauvignon Blanc

White Wine Julián López

White Wine Niñata

Rose Wine

At Bodegas TorreCastillo we offer you the freshness and distinction of Monastrell to the sophistication and harmony of Julián López, our rosé wines are distinguished by their exceptional quality and unique personality.

With fruity fragrances, floral nuances and a perfect balance, each sip of our rosé wines takes wine enthusiasts to a universe of incomparable flavours and emotions.

Rose Wine Monastrell

Rose Wine Julián López