Invinos Project

Traceability of the wine value chain is necessary to avoid counterfeiting, adulteration or excessive use of preservatives, fertilizers or pesticides. The wine industry needs a system that guarantees the origin and traceability of the product to allow the end consumer to verify the composition and the entire production process, from grape harvesting to consumption at the table, in order to guarantee the authenticity of each bottle of wine offered to the consumer.

Blockchain technology can help the wine industry guarantee the authenticity and provenance of wine to improve its positioning and reputation.

One of the main objectives offered by Invinos is to guarantee the veracity of the information. With the digital passport it will be possible to tell the stories about its origin and product processes, convey the message of good practices and respect for the environment. It connects wine with people.

The objective of the project is the design and development of a traceability system based on blockchain, for the automatic traceability of wine (D.O. certification, wine origin, composition, etc). It is a monitoring system for the monitoring system of parameters (temperature, humidity, hours of sunlight to which the grapes have been subjected during cultivation, etc.). As well as measuring parameters during the winemaking and storage process.

Data that will be recorded in blockchain to provide information to both the end user and the wine supplier.